How to Buy
Products Offered
Prints - Starting at $3 - click for details

All PTC show images are available as standard photographic prints on two different paper types. You may choose between a normal glossy print and a metallic print. Prints can be purchased by clicking on the "Buy" button in each gallery.

• Glossy prints will look like photographic prints you are used to getting from your favorite photo lab.

• Metallic prints have an almost pearlescent look to them and produce very vibrant colors.

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Digital Downloads - Starting at $3 - click for details

IceWolf Photography provides two different types of digital downloads. You can either purchase single images or entire galleries. With either option you have a choice of resolution from web sized to the full, original size. Web resolution is suitable for use on the web, the intermediate sizes for small prints, and the full resolution for large prints.

• Single Image downloads can be purchased by clicking the "Buy" button and then clicking the blue "Downloads" tab. If you select multiple images they will be made available in a single .zip file after you complete checkout.

• Full gallery downloads are offered at standardized prices for all galleries for PTC. You will find an 'All Digital Downloads' option under the 'Buy' button. Here you will be able to select the resolution of the files you would like to download and you can then add the download to your cart.

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Full Gallery Downloads - Starting at $70 - click for details

Starting in the 2012-2013 season we will be offering all photo shoots into one gallery for each show for ease of purchasing an entire show. The "Complete Show" Gallery will contain publicity photos, dress rehearsal photos, and archival photos. Once all the photos have been posted to the website you will be able to purchase the entire gallery for a flat rate. This rate is the same for every show.

Full Gallery Download Pricing:
• "Web" Resolution ($70): Suitable for use on websites, not good for prints.
• "Low Res" ($90): Suitable for websites and small prints (up to 4x6)
• "High Res" ($130): Suitable for websites and medium sized prints (8x10)
• "Original" ($185): The highest resolution available suitable for just about any use you can think of.

To download a full gallery, you will find an 'All Digital Downloads' option under the 'Buy' button. Here you will be able to select the resolution of the files you would like to download and you can then add the download to your cart.

At this time we are working to apply this feature to all previous seasons. Look for new galleries under the year and "Full Show Galleries" to see what is available. We should have them all available very soon.

For those who do not wish to buy a full gallery, we encourage you to look at our Pick 30 CD option.

If you wish to purchase an entire show PLEASE WAIT until ALL the photos from that show have been posted. Full gallery purchases made before all photos are online WILL NOT include all images.

While we understand that full gallery purchases may seem expensive, our business relies on sales of photos to remain in operation, much the same way that actors needs shows. Despite how easy it seems to copy digital works these days, we would appreciate it if individuals seeking the use of these images would purchase their own copy and license. We can track purchases and digital usage, and we would prefer not to have to ask you to discontinue use of or purchase pirated images.

Remember: Images may always be shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter using the share button. This is perfectly acceptable use since the images will bear a watermark.

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Pick 30 CD - $45 - click for details

This product allows you to pick up to 30 images to have burned on CD and mailed to you. It is not offered through SmugMug so you must make a separate order from any prints or mercandise offered on the site. The best thing about the Pick 30 CD is that you can mix-and-match images from any show that is available currently on IceWolf Photography. For complete details and ordering information use the following link: Pick 30 CD Info/Orders.

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Merchandise - Starting at $8 - click for details

We offer a selection of photo merchandise that may be appealing to have at home or to give as gifts. We offer items like playing cards, puzzles, mouse pads, and coffee mugs. You can find a full listing of merchandise when you pull up the purchase information for the photos.

We can also design and make greeting cards from images upon request. If you would like to take advantage of this service please let us know. We often will try to generate cards for our holiday slot shows.

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Making a Purchase
How to buy a single print or download - click for instructions

• To buy a singe image click on the buy button that is right above the large version of the image you want:

Buy Button

• From the menu that appears, select "This Photo":

This Photo

• You will then be presented with an order box. You may choose from Prints, Merchandise, or Downloads at the top. To add a product to your cart, just click the "+" in the quantity column until your desired quantity is reached.

Buy Window

• At this point you may press "Checkout" to go to your shopping cart or "Back to Photos" to continue to browse.

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How to buy prints of multiple images at once - click for instructions

• If you would like to buy multiple images on the same product (for instance: you want 4x6 prints of every photo) you would first click on the "Buy" button:

Buy Button

• From the menu that appears, select "Photos in this Gallery"

Multiple Photos

• You will be taken to a page where you can select which photos you would like on the left-hand side of the page. On the right you can select which product you would like and the quantity.

Multiple Selection

• Once you have made your selections, just click "Add Photos to Cart"

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How to buy full gallery downloads - click for instructions

• If you would like to buy the complete gallery as a digital download you would first click on the "Buy" button:

Buy Button

• From the menu that appears, select "All Digital Downloads"

All Digital Downloads

• This will ope the "Buy Digital Downloads box:

Buy Digital Downloads

• From this box select what resolution images you would like. The price for the gallery will be given at the bottom right of the box. Once you have made your selection click "Continue." You will see the following confirmation message:


• From here you can either continue to your shopping cart for checkout or return to the gallery to continue browsing.

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How to make your own Greeting/Holiday Cards - click for instructions

Building greeting and holiday cards from show photos is very easy. It is virtually the same as any other online printing service that prints cards. If you can drag and drop photos and have some witty or classic text in mind, making a card will only take a few minutes!

If the above link didn't work, Click here

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The Checkout Process - click for instructions

The checkout process on this website is very similar to any other online store. You can get to your shopping cart by clicking on the "View Cart" button located above the large photo on the right in any gallery or by clicking the "Shopping Cart" link at the bottom of every page.

Once in your shopping cart you will see a list of the images you have selected and you will be able to change the quantities, add, and remove items. On the right side of the page you will see the total price for your cart and the checkout button.

If you have ordered prints that require cropping you will see crop information next to the image as well as a box on the image indicating the crop. You are welcome to leve the default crop or adjust it yourself to get the look you want. This can be accomplished easily by clicking on the "Adjust" button and following the on-screen instructions.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click the green checkout button and follow the onscreen instructions. This process is like any other online checkout. YOu will be asked for your billing and shipping addresses as well as payment information.

Once your checkout is complete, any prints or merchandise will go into production and be shipped to you. Digital downloads will be made available either as links or via email.

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