IceWolf Photography is proud to provide photographic services for the Pioneer Theatre Company. We offer a variety of prints and photo products that we hope will fit your needs.

We offer prints in standard sizes with different fineshes, merchandise like mousepads, stickers and coffee mugs, as well as digital downloads. All of our prints are made using photographic processes using BayPhoto. BayPhoto is a lab based in the San Francisco area. All print orders are sent to them and then shipped to you.

All merchandise is printed using a direct to product print process. Once you submit an order it is sent to the printer and then shipped to you upon completion. Orders are submitted for printing as soon as you submit them online. Most orders will arrive at your door within a week of ordering. Many orders can be on your doorstep within two days depending on the shipping speed you choose.

On some shows we may offer additional or fewer products as warranted by the show. The Price lists on this page only show our basic pricing for typical shows. You can always get a list of products and prices for any show by clicking on the "Buy" button and then choosing "This Photo" from the drop down list. The order box that appears will show the pricing for all available products for that show.

If you have any questions about the products we offer or the pricing, please read our FAQ page first. If that does not answer your questions, please feel free to email us. Below you will find pricing and desciptions of the products we offer.

Price List

All prints are available in standard sizes in two fineshes: glossy and metallic. Glossy prints are printed on photographic paper and have a shiny, high gloss finish. Metallic prints are printed on a photographic paper that has a pearlescent look to it. Metallic prints have very rich color that seems to "pop" when you look at it.

• Glossy prints will look like photographic prints you are used to getting from your favorite photo lab.

• Metallic prints have an almost pearlescent look to them and produce very vibrant colors.

Pick 30 CD

The "Pick 30 CD" is a very efficient way to purchase high resolution images for your own use. This could be on a website or to make prints.

• Chose your favorte 30 images (can be from multiple shoots and multiple shows)

• Cost is $45 plus shipping

• CD will be mailed to you

• Please email us to order!


We are happy to offer a variety of photo merchandise. You can have your favorite photos printed on items like coffe mugs, mouse pads, and more.

Below is a list of products offered and their prices.



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For show photos we offer multiple ways to download images. You can use watermarked images for free by getting a link from the "Share" button. You can also purchase non-watermarked images for personal use in various resolutions. Digital images can be used on your website or to make your own prints using your favorite printer or print service.

Full show downloads are also available. To purchase a full show, go to the "full shows" section of galleries and select "All Digital Downloads" from the "Buy" menu.

We also offer a "Pick-30-CD" where you can pick 30 images from any show you want and we will put full size copies on a CD/DVD for you.

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