IceWolf Photography's Terms of Service

IceWolf Photography is a small, independently run company dedicated to provided high quality photographic services and images. All the images on this site are property of Alexander Weisman, the owner and operator of this website and IceWolf Photography. All visitors to this site are free to browse through any and all publicly listed galleries. All visitors are also free to use any of the services provided by this site, including: purchasing prints, downloads, merchandise as well as leaving comments in galleries and the guestbook. All users are welcome to use any of the services provided by the "Share" button.

Users are not allowed to download, save, or otherwise acquire images from this website except from galleries where express permission is given. Any attempt to download, save, or otherwise acquire protected images from this site will trigger a warning dialog. If a user should trigger this dialog they are attempting to download protected and copyrighted material in an unapproved fashion. Protected images can be purchased for download and are then subject to either the Private Use or Commercial Use licenses as detailed during image purchase.

All photos from the Pioneer Theatre Company galleries are protected images. Any use of these images aside from personal use is strictly prohibited. For information on commercial or publicity use of these images please contact the Pioneer Theatre Marketing Department. These images are available for sale as prints, merchandise and downloads (under the personal use license only). Any unauthorized reproduction of these images is strictly prohibited. Users may use any services provided by the "Share" button in conjunction with these images.

If you wish to hire IceWolf Photography, a contract for services will be drawn up detailing the terms of the job in question. Booking inquiries sent through the contact forms on this site do not guarantee a booking, nor do they form any kind of binding contract.

IceWolf Photography reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with no prior notice. We also reserve the right to moderate and delete any comments made on the site that we find inappropriate or harmful to our business.

Please direct any questions regarding this document or any of the photos on this site to Alexander Weisman.

These terms of use are provided for all site visitors to see. By using this website you give your consent to these terms of use. Violation of these terms may result in legal action.